Herringbone wood wall hospitality space.

Attract Customers with Herringbone Wood Wall Panels

Herringbone patterns have graced us through the ages, tracing back to Roman roads and the grand palatial galleries of the French. The style has endured, a representation of strength, luxury, and sophistication. Its timeliness allure captures onlookers and transforms practically any space into an elegant sanctuary. A quintessential choice for hotels and restaurants, herringbone wood wall panels bring warmth and set an inviting ambiance for the space they inhabit. The convergence of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability converge with herringbone panels that are both timeliness and trendsetting.

The Appeal of Herringbone Wood Wall Panels

Wood walls make myriad spaces unique, yet not every wood wall panel is created equal. The distinct herringbone patterns from our eco-engineered line at WD Walls are not only environmentally friendly but also set your space apart in three ways:

Aesthetics. The herringbone pattern is timeless. The beauty and elegance of the pattern is nearly as old as time—starting when the Romans built their brick roads. 

Versatility. Simply by nature of its use by both the Romans and the French, herringbone patterns can be considered classic. But using herringbone patterns for wood walls is also incredibly versatile. In more recent use, herringbone patterns become modern, placed vertically on a wall and paired with sharp, sans serif logomarks and flat black lighting fixtures. Modern to classic, herringbone patterns are an icon of versatility, and can apply to any space you’re envisioning.

Visual interest. The motif of herringbone patterns can create a sense of depth and visual interest. Both the repetition and diagonal lines draw the eye in continuous movement, and the texture demands attention.

Benefits of Herringbone Panels for Hospitality

Across the hospitality industry, expectations are changing. Customers desire eco-friendliness and clear, recognizable branding that sets the stage for status and higher standards. Using herringbone wood wall panels can bring you even closer to realizing the potential in your prospects and possible repeat consumers and customers.

Durability. Wood panels are long-lasting. For high-traffic areas, select a solution that is reliable and dependable for years to come.

Sustainability. Customers are becoming more aligned with a green lifestyle, now more than ever. Using eco-engineered wood paneling that’s environmentally friendly will allow your company to get closer to keeping promises made around reducing your carbon footprint. Each herringbone pattern of our eco-engineered line comes with PEFC Certification and a Greenguard Gold certified finish. All the aesthetics of wood, at a fraction of the carbon cost. An added bonus: The durable wall cladding is less intensive to manufacture, thinner, and therefore requires lower shipping costs and emissions unlike their traditional counterparts.

Cost-effectiveness. Herringbone wood wall panels are a worthy investment, especially for large-scale projects. By keeping the look consistent, you can solidify your brand, and keep the production streamlined for multiple hospitality locations by choosing one look that’s durable and versatile.

Applications in Various Settings

Herringbone wood wall panels offer a multitude of transformative possibilities for spaces within the hospitality industry. By introducing visual interest and texture, this design element can be seamlessly integrated into various settings:

Restaurants. Restaurant spaces can be beautified and bursting with originality with an accent wall in a herringbone pattern. It’s also useful to delineate different areas of the restaurant—as a dividing wall accent or as an indicator of tables separate from the bar or cocktail area.

Grenache White Oak Herringbone sustainable wood planks accent wall by WD Walls

Offices. Create a professional and sophisticated atmosphere using herringbone panels, to make your corporate space stand out and symbolize the modernity and “forward-thinking” visions of your brand.

Hotels. Let in a more luxurious feel in your hospitality environment. Herringbone wood wall panels could be applied to the lobby area to give a great first impression—or in guest rooms, to set your contemporary suites apart from competition.

Types of Herringbone Wood Wall Panels

Material Options. Every one of our beautiful eco-engineered wood line comes in five color options using European White Oak: 

  1. Seine
  2. Grenache
  3. Loire
  4. Mount blanc
  5. Sauvignon blanc

These range in tone from light gray to honey to deep brown. For example, neutral-toned Grenache stained White Oak pairs well with many interiors. We specifically designed the array of color options to be versatile, matching nearly any aesthetic.

Installation. Each of our herringbone-design-ready wooden wall panels has specifically sized length and width to make installation straightforward—so the design you’ve been envisioning will match the installed end-result.

Choosing the Right Herringbone Wood Wall Panels

If you’re ready to install a herringbone wood wall panel, it’s of the utmost importance that you know what you need, understand your budget constraints, and you find a vendor capable of bringing your vision to life.

Needs. Look at your space, understand your overall design, and assess what you need. It’s probable that you need to set it apart without added clutter—an accent wall may be able to provide the class and distinction your space requires.

Budget. Our wooden wall panels represent a prudent investment that yields dividends in the form of enhanced customer loyalty. By clearly articulating your brand's commitment to luxury and aesthetics, these panels reinforce your values. Opt for quality at every opportunity.

Vendor. Knowing that you’ll have consistent, high-quality material from a supplier you trust is key. When your visual appeal in commercial interiors stays consistent, your brand recognition can be further solidified.

Enhance the Customer Experience with Herringbone Wood Wall Panels

By incorporating herringbone wood wall panels into your design, you can elevate the aesthetics of your spaces and create a warm environment that invites. It’s not just decoration, it’s a testament to thoughtful design and commitment to quality and eco-friendliness. This versatile solution ensures a memorable experience for guests, transforms spaces into havens, and leaves lasting, beautiful impressions. Allow herringbone wood wall panels to embody the luxury and sophistication your hospitality projects require—and set a new standard for excellence and guest satisfaction.