Download our digital wood textures

We took the time and effort to outsource the conversion of our wood products into Textures that you can use in your renderings and mock ups. This painstaking process started with a 64 Square foot wall made with each product, then photographed in a studio and converted into a seamless photo for you to use in your renderings.

These textures are a high resolution format to preserve the grain detail and colors, so instead of having a link to download from, we request that you use the contact us form to request the texture . Some of these files are almost 100 MB..

We will email you a link to download it from a secure server.

Contact us for Download Link

Spec Sheets for every product

A PDF version of every product we produce is available in a downloadable format for your convenience.

Installation guidelines for Walls

The definitive guide to installing decorative wood interior elements has been created by American Woodworkers Institute (AWI). Here you can read the standards for installation that we recommend.

Installation guidelines for Flooring

For any flooring installation, we recommend any installer be familiar with the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) guidelines. These standards have been put into place by professionals who have thousands of successful installations all over the world. They cover a range of situations for different climate types from the Humid South in the summer to the frigid dry winters in the North. Click here to view this document or download it.

Here are specific instructions for installing our Eco-Engineered 3/8" Products and our Eco-Engineered 1/2" Products.

Warranty for all Eco-Engineered Products

All of the details on our Residential and Commercial warranties for our Eco-Engineered products. Warranty Information.

Thermo-Clad Information & Warranty

If you are curious how we make our Thermo-Clad products, this information is for you. You will also find hints for installation techniques, along with our 25 year warranty information.

Terms & Conditions

Please view our terms and conditions before purchasing our products.