Some of the Best Lead Times in the Industry

  • Overnight samples available from Material Bank (excluding Accoya)
  • Accoya samples in 1 week
  • Product orders fulfilled within 1-2 weeks, including Accoya

Product Orders

All product orders for non-custom products are fulfilled within 1-2 weeks, including Accoya. For custom finish products, please contact us for a lead time estimate.


  • Overnight Samples

    If you need samples ASAP you can get them overnighted through WD Walls on Material Bank, excluding Accoya.

    WD Walls on Material Bank
  • Accoya Samples

    Please allow a 1 week lead time for delivery of Accoya samples, excluding custom finishes.

  • Custom Finish Samples

    At WD Walls we offer custom stains, colors, or finishes of some of our products. Please contact us for a lead time estimate on samples and your final custom product.

    Contact Us

Shorter Lead Times Make Happier Clients

At the beginning of a project, a timeline is built but keeping it can be a challenge. Supply chain issues can stress out architects and interior designers as they struggle to keep clients happy despite supply chain issues. Work with us and enjoy some of the shortest lead times in the industry.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.