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Reclaimed Wood Paneling: Embracing Sustainable Design and Timeless Beauty

In recent years, reclaimed wood paneling has become increasingly popular, finding its way into a myriad of architectural projects. Its versatility ranges from adorning the offices of industry leaders like Microsoft, Google, Nike and Amazon, to enhancing the cozy atmospheres of local coffee shops and restaurants. This material stands out not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its sustainability, rich history, and enduring authenticity.

WD Walls Reclaimed Wood Paneling at Nike

Reclaimed wood paneling has captured the imagination of designers with its unique charm and eco-conscious ethos. From the weathered planks of historic barns to the salvaged gym bleachers of forgotten schools, each piece carries a story of its past life, imbuing spaces with character and history.

WD Walls Reclaimed Wood Paneling Sourcing

As the interior design and architectural communities increasingly prioritize the environment, sustainable wood choices have emerged as a favored material selection, seamlessly blending aesthetics with responsible construction practices. The diverse textures, warm tones, and distinctive grain patterns of reclaimed wood paneling not only add visual interest but also evoke a connection to nature. Every project incorporating reclaimed wood materials contributes to waste reduction, conservation of natural resources, and the creation of environments that harmonize with the surrounding ecology; a leading principle of Biophilic design.

Understanding Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood encompasses a multifaceted concept, referring broadly to salvaged wood or wood that’s repurposed in various ways. The sourcing of reclaimed wood can include sourcing it from vintage buildings, structures, or even pallets, offering an alternative to obtaining coveted old-growth timber. Additionally, reclaimed wood paneling involves diverting wood waste destined for landfills, giving it new life as sustainable materials.

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What makes reclaimed wood exceptional is its ability to reduce the need for tree felling, thereby minimizing environmental impact by utilizing existing resources. Each piece of reclaimed wood carries a story that may span generations, celebrates the rich heritage of the wood, and is a testament to the exceptional durability and unique aesthetics of real wood that cannot be faked.

By incorporating reclaimed wood paneling into commercial projects, we honor the legacy of old-growth forests, preserving their beauty and ensuring their essence lives on. This not only infuses spaces with timeless elegance but also reduces the strain on the planet's timber reserves.

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Sourcing, Processing, and Transporting Reclaimed Wood

In addition to sustainable sourcing, milling reclaimed wood has far less environmental impact than processing new wood. Reclaimed wood paneling circumvents the hazards associated with virgin timber harvesting and processing, reducing deforestation, energy consumption, water usage, and carbon emissions.

WD Walls mills our reclaimed wood paneling as close to the source as possible, fostering a network of mills and shops dedicated to sustainable practices who are also FSC Certified. Active measures are taken to minimize shipping and provide LEED-eligible regional wood products, supporting local communities and reducing environmental impact.

Certified Sustainability: FSC and Green Building Standards

A significant portion of WD Walls' reclaimed woods carries Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certification, ensuring authenticity and eco-friendliness. This certification assures clients that products meet stringent environmental and social standards. WD Walls actively pursues alternate forms of sustainable wood sources when reclaimed wood is not a viable solution by offering PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified wood. PEFC is the world-wide certification program much like FSC but has more strict standards for certification. 

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Reclaimed wood qualifies for various green building standards and certification credits, acknowledging its role in promoting sustainable construction and enhancing indoor environments with natural elements.

Embrace Sustainable Design with Reclaimed Wood Paneling

Award-winning designs are born from inspiration and fueled by accurate information. WD Walls' team of wood experts is ready to collaborate on your next design project, offering expertise, ideas, and free samples of reclaimed wood to bring your vision to life. Whether transforming a small commercial space or envisioning a grand hotel lobby, reclaimed wood offers a sustainable solution with timeless beauty.